We help you prepare your communications related to your business, creations or services, in any media


Media/Communications/AdvertisingWe help you prepare your communications related to your business, creations or services, in any media: Internet, press, radio and television.
We verify the chain and existence of intellectual property rights necessary to use the different components of your communication.

We draft or analyse the contract entered into with the advertising agency, freelancer or your employee, including commission agreements, transfers of rights and employment contracts.
Regarding the content of your advertisement, we advise you on the practices of your profession and on the laws prevailing not only in France, but also abroad thanks to our partner attorneys in 84 different countries.
We assist and represent you in pre-litigation or litigation: counterfeiting, unfair competition, parasitic copying, denigration, damage to your image and/or products, or invasion of privacy.

We advise and assist you in exercising your right of reply.
We rely on the complementary areas of expertise of our firm’s teams (tax, labour, criminal, commercial, corporate and intellectual property law) to provide comprehensive, appropriate and practical advice.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

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We review your ad projects for your clients and advise you of any missing information/disclaimers.

We advise you on the need to reword any hooks, slogans, or allegations that might not comply with regulations in force.

We inform you on the recommendations of the ARPP (French professional advertising regulator) and on the regulations in force, notably with respect to the Evin Act on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, the Sapin Act on the rules for purchasing advertising space, and the French Consumer Code as it pertains to misleading and comparative advertising.

We draft your contracts and/or review those submitted to you to ensure they comply with regulations in force.

We make sure the contest is legitimate, draft the official rules and file them with a bailiff.

We help you react quickly, exercise your right of reply and, where applicable, to prepare any legal action, including any urgent action to halt the attack against you and obtain fair damages for the losses incurred due to this denigration.

We prepare the transfer of image copyright agreements allowing you to use images of models or employees, whether or not they work for your company.

We prepare publishing contracts tailored to your activity and to the project being considered.

We advise you on a case-by-case basis, depending on how the work will be used, we assist you in incorporating the provisions of the Hadopi I Act in your relationship with your journalists, and we draft your business agreements.

We rely on the complementary areas of expertise of our team specialising in labour law for the preparation, review and compliance of these business agreements.

We help you draft the legal disclaimers and carry out the necessary formalities with the CNIL (French data protection agency). Drawing on the expertise of our team specialising in Intellectual Property, we advise you on the terms of use of copyright, and any image copyright at stake.