We draft contracts and sales agreements, and we advise you on the execution of the different contracts entered into with the intermediaries/partners

Commercial/Consumer Affairs/Distribution

Commercial/Consumer Affairs/DistributionWe draft contracts and sales agreements, and we advise you on the execution of the different contracts entered into with the intermediaries/partners you’ll be working with in the course of your business.

We advise you on the establishment and termination of your contractual relations with commercial agents, suppliers, distributors or any service providers.

In the event of a commercial dispute, we represent you in-court and advise you on protective measures to be taken to guarantee your rights and on the execution of the resulting court rulings.

We also advise and assist on matters of consumer law, notably those pertaining to regulations governing sales and special offers, legal disclaimers required on packaging and websites, general terms and conditions of sale and use, and payment transactions.

We offer support in distribution law by providing you with appropriate expertise and/or assisting in the settlement of pre-litigation and litigation, notably in competition law (unfair competition, parasitic copying, denigration, practice of promotional pricing) or involving a supplier or distributor (economic dependence, termination of business relations).

We rely on the complementary areas of expertise of our teams in labour, intellectual property, corporate and tax law to provide comprehensive, appropriate and practical advice.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

  • You’re a manufacturer or distributor of manufactured products and you’re thinking of launching a commercial website?

    We support you in your relations with your ISP and your website host.

    We draft the legal disclaimers, and the general terms and conditions of sale and use of the website, or we make sure they comply with consumer law.

    We register your website with the CNIL (French data protection agency) if necessary.

    We advise you on the terms of use of any intellectual property rights at stake.

    We make sure the packaging of products you plan to sell meets the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

  • You’ve run into problems executing an agreement with a service provider, supplier or distributor?

    We assist and defend you in the event of a claim, and advise you in order to avoid a legal dispute and/or resolve your conflict in-court.

  • You’re planning to distribute your products or services via a commercial agent, or you yourself are a commercial agent and you need advice on the rules applicable to this professional status?

    We offer you the benefit of our expertise in this area to provide you with the most appropriate advice on setting up a contract governing the business relationship in question, and we help find the right solution to terminate this relationship if necessary under the best possible conditions.

  • You’ve had a business relationship with a partner for several years and you’re planning to terminate this relationship?

    We advise you in the interest of minimising the risk of litigation.

  • Your company is planning to expand its activity in Europe or internationally?

    We prepare a bespoke, harmonised contract in line with the national legislation in force in the countries where your partners and/or subsidiaries are established.