We assist you in creating your company and at each step of its development


CorporateWe assist you in creating your company and at each step of its development, in its daily and occasional operations, and ending with its winding-up or disposal. We also help organise relations between partners, particularly in the case of a partners’ agreement.

We assist you in equity capital transactions and with the design and conduct of your structural plans, such as disposals or acquisitions of companies, purchases of shareholdings and assets, fund raising and establishment of management packages.

We draw on the complementary areas of expertise of our firm’s teams (tax, labour, commercial and intellectual property law) to provide you with comprehensive, appropriate and practical advice. We also rely on our contacts, attorneys and certified accounts in the MSI network for any international operations.

We work by your side to anticipate and manage crisis situations, in an advisory capacity and in conducting litigation in the event of conflicts between partners, claims of Management liability, applications of asset/liability guarantees or pre and post-acquisition disputes.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

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We advise you on the right legal structure, how to set it up and how to organise relations between partners in the articles of association and in partners' agreements.

We help you arrange the offer, and negotiate and draft the final agreements (shareholders' agreements, management packages, etc.) and documentation for the successful closing of the capital increase.

We advise you on the right incentive mechanism for your company and your future partners (BSA share subscription warrants, BSPCE entrepreneur share subscription warrants, stock options, free share allocation plans, etc.) and set it up for you.

We help you draft the preparatory agreements (Term Sheet, LOI, MoU, etc.), assist you with audits and with the negotiation and drafting of final agreements (memorandum of understanding, shareholders' agreement, issuance agreement, asset/liability guarantee, service level agreement, non-compete agreement, etc.) until the deal is closed.

With the aid of our foreign contacts, attorneys and certified accountants, we help you choose the right legal structure for your activities and help you get set up.

We organise your daily and annual operations in close cooperation with your teams and partners (certified accountant, statutory auditor).