We advise companies on the most appropriate and innovative solutions,


GRAPH LOGO-01We advise companies on the most appropriate and innovative solutions, not only in your day-to-day management but also during more complex operations such as mergers & acquisitions, fund raising (Charasse amendment, tax consolidation, etc.) and the set-up of employee shareholding plans (stock options, free share allocation, etc.).

We advise Management and executives, notably on incentive mechanisms in their favour.

We assist individuals by providing appropriate solutions for the effective management of their assets.

We represent you in discussions, negotiations and procedures with the tax administration, either in pre-litigation (assistance with tax audits) or litigation proceedings. With our expertise in tax litigation, we are able to prevent future tax disputes through our advisory services.

Our team of experts works closely with our other departments, and particularly with the attorneys in the Corporate Department, and with our contacts in the MSI network for any international operations.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

  • You want to raise funds from investors?

    We advise you on all the aspects of any necessary restructuring programme before actually conducting the fund-raising operation.

  • You want to sell your company?

    We advise you on all tax-related aspects of such a disposal for tax optimisation purposes.

  • You want to get your employees financially involved in your company’s results?

    We advise you on the tax impact of the different incentive mechanisms for you and the company.

  • You want to expand your activity internationally?

    With the contacts in our network, we set up the best legal structure.

  • You want to structure your professional assets in order to exempt them from the solidarity wealth tax?

    We’re there to advise you on how to secure your professional assets.

  • You are subject to a tax audit or have received a proposed tax adjustment?

    We assist you during talks and negotiations with the tax authorities and/or during any legal proceedings.