We work with you during each phase of your company’s existence

Labour and Employment

GRAPH LOGO-01We work with you during each phase of your company’s existence; we assist you and examine solutions with you to prevent crisis situations as well as the best strategies to defend your company.
From hiring to termination of employment, we advise you while taking into consideration the specific characteristics of your business as well as the contractual and legal rules that apply to your legal structure. We also advise your Management team and executives.

Our twenty years of experience have taught us to give priority to negotiation, but also to plan for litigation if it cannot be avoided.

We are also by your side for all disputes related to human resources management (individual and collective disputes) and before any courts in France (Labour, Civil, Criminal and Administrative Courts).

We rely on the complementary areas of expertise of our firm’s teams (corporate, tax, commercial, intellectual property and communication-media law) to provide comprehensive and practical legal advice.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

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We advise you on the procedure to take in order to avoid a dispute and we help you implement the procedure.
Before taking any action, we evaluate the litigation risks with you and prepare for them.
If you are a member of Management or an executive, we assist you with this phase of your career. We draw on the complementary expertise of our tax team.

We assist and support you in each step of the procedure: dealing with the Labour Inspection Department and, if necessary, in proceedings before the Ministry of Labour and the administrative courts.

We advise you on the most appropriate responses. We analyse the situation with you, verify the accuracy of the claims, advise on the implementation of a mediation procedure, consider potential sanctions, assess the impacts on the company's image, etc.

We assist you every step of the way: Discussions, preparation of meetings, litigation.

We assist you during the proceeding and defend you before the criminal courts.

We verify the legitimacy of the procedure with you (legal transfer/contractual transfer) and advise you at each step and in the event of any legal disputes.