We value, share and defend your rights in terms of innovation, industrial inventions and artistic creations

Intellectual Property

Intellectual PropertyWe value, share and defend your rights in terms of innovation, industrial inventions and artistic creations, both in France and abroad.

We assist you in each phase of your projects, from creation to registration of your intellectual property rights.

We optimally protect your intellectual property rights by relying on the specialised areas of expertise of our Tax and labour law teams to provide you with comprehensive, effective and practical solutions.

We perform audits and due diligence procedures on your behalf.

We provide personalised monitoring of your creations (web surveillance, customs surveillance) in order to detect any potential infringement.

We prepare strategies for all disputes related to your intellectual property rights, in terms of copyright, patents on inventions, brands, designs, domain names, etc.

Finally, we represent you in-court, in emergency or normal proceedings, regardless of where the dispute is submitted. We prepare and monitor counterfeit seizures, we represent you during the course of the dispute and for the execution of the court’s ruling.

We rely on the complementary areas of expertise of our teams in tax, labour law, commercial, and corporate law to provide comprehensive, appropriate and practical advice.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

  • You’re an artist or CEO and you want to protect your creations or those developed by your company?

    We prepare a strategy to protect your intellectual property rights, one that is tailored to your needs and budget and protects the key components of your creations (brands, designs, domain names) at the earliest phase of your project in France and abroad (key countries, European Union, United States, China, etc.).

  • You’re planning to take action against competitors selling products that are very similar to yours?

    We advise you on your options, both in terms of litigation and out-of-court solutions to resolve the conflict based on your expectations.

  • You want to capitalise on your creations, your innovation (patents, designs, photography, software, mobile app, sketches, prototypes, works of art, etc.)?

    We plan out the best strategy with you to capitalise on your intellectual property rights and draft the corresponding personalised contract (transfer, licence, etc.) for your specific needs.

  • You’re getting ready to present or introduce your new range of products: We make sure

    they don’t infringe on the rights of third parties or competitors. We advise you on how to avoid the risk of claims.

  • Your products, designs and registered brands are distributed in several countries: We set up and

    monitor customs surveillance in order to detect any counterfeit products and take legal action against the counterfeiters seeking damages for the infringement of your rights.

  • When you launch your start-up, your main concern is limiting legal recourse against the brand you want to adopt?

    We conduct searches of prior trademarks to ensure your brand is available, we perform a practical analysis of the risks incurred by the choice of brand, and we recommend solutions.

  • You head up an advertising agency and you want to make sure the names you suggest to your clients for their brand identity are available?

    We offer flat-rate fees to determine the availability of the brands considered by your clients.

  • You want to secure your relationship with the independent designers you work with?

    We draft service level agreements and transfer of intellectual property rights agreements to avoid any future disputes.

  • You’re a corporate legal advisor, you’re in charge of various legal aspects of your company, and you want the help of a specialist to manage intellectual property rights?

    We offer to conduct a quick and efficient audit of these rights (brands, designs, patents, domain names), to assist you in their day-to-day management and in the analysis of any occasional issues concerning these rights, in line with your company’s needs and budget.