Time Off section, which we created in order to share with you our favorite cultural works with an underlying theme related to law and justice

Welcome to our Time Off section, which we created in order to share with you our favorite cultural works with an underlying theme related to law and justice! Books, theatre, films, exhibitions, and other areas where our legal profession comes into play and resonates with society and philosophy.

You will also find a series of short movies made in collaboration with Artora. Three minute videos to take you where art and the law engage in a dialogue

We hope our new section will inspire interest and debate!

“Le Coupable” is an original podcast from journalist Noémie Schulz that immerses us in the heart of the Nordahl Lelandais case through the eyes of his lawyer, Maitre Alain Jakubowicz. Why do we like it? Initially convinced of Nordahl ... read more
Based on a true story, the film « Toi non plus tu n’as rien vu », released in March 2023, tackles the subject of the judicialization of pregnancy denial in French criminal law. The film tells the story of a woman accused of attempted homicide of her ... read more
A five-minute video recounting the passionate, never-ending copyright debate surrounding Ravel’s Boléro, a world-famous work at the heart of numerous legal battles.
“It is not good that women practice law, because it devalues the seriousness of the profession“. Lidia Rules is a six-episode Italian series on Netflix that falls somewhere between historical drama and the crime genre. The series, set in the ... read more
“Why wasn’t I born under the same star?” sings the group IAM. A question that perfectly illustrates this essay, very nicely written by Basile de Bure, a journalist from the inner city, who for several years has led media education courses ... read more
Jean-Yves Moyart, a criminal lawyer from Lille, became famous under the pseudonym of Maître Mô through the pages of his blog in which he shared extraordinary stories drawn from the practice of his profession. This lover of words relates in a book entitled ... read more
A large number of trials, particularly in the United States, rely on statistics and probability calculations to decide whether a defendant is guilty or not. The book written by Leila Schneps, mathematician and research director at the CNRS, aims to ... read more
The book aims at presenting in a very complete way the life of Robert Badinter, his political, intellectual, professional and moral path. It traces the achievements he has implemented and the challenges he has faced during his incredible journey from son of ... read more
Artora and SBL continue their collaboration to take you to where art and law meet. This short video explains this case that opposed the painter Georges Rouault to the heirs of the art dealer Ambroise Vollard. Issued in 1947 by the Court of Appeal of Paris, ... read more
A three minutes video about the Brancusi’s sculpture named “The Kiss” whose legal status has given rise to many unforeseen developments.
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