We will assist you upstream in defining a pre-trial strategy or setting up a defence policy, including in urgent situations to deal with a crisis


SBL - LitigationWe will assist you upstream in defining a pre-trial strategy or setting up a defence policy, including in urgent situations to deal with a crisis, with a consistent focus on taking a practical approach in line with your objectives and capable of providing you with optimal security.

We draw on our areas of expertise (corporate, tax, labour, commercial and intellectual property law), our trial experience and our corporate knowledge in order to defend you in out-of-court conflict resolution (transactions, mediation, arbitration) and before the commercial, civil, labour or criminal courts.

Examples of issues facing our clients:

  • You have a conflict with a protected employee?

    We assist and support you in each step of the procedure: dealing with the Labour Inspection Department and, if necessary, in proceedings before the Ministry of Labour and the administrative courts. 

  • Your shareholder rights are not being respected by a company?

    We assist you during pre-trail negotiations with the other shareholders and the Company’s Management and in initiating litigation before the civil or commercial courts.

  • Your company has been named in a harassment claim or has been accused of failing to meet its occupational health and safety obligations?

    We advise you on the most appropriate responses. We analyse the situation with you, verify the accuracy of the claims, advise on the implementation of a mediation procedure, consider potential sanctions, assess the impacts on the company’s image, etc.

  • Your liability has been invoked subsequent to a criminal offence?

    We assist you during the proceeding and defend you before the criminal courts.

  • You’ve run into problems executing an agreement with a service provider, supplier or distributor?

    We assist and defend you in the event of a claim, and advise you in order to avoid a legal dispute and/or to resolve your conflict in-court.

  • You have had a business relationship with a partner for several years and you are being sued for suddenly terminating this relationship?

    We assist you and represent you in court, in France or abroad, thanks to the partner attorneys belonging to our professional network, MSI. We also consider out-of-court solutions to resolve the conflict, such as mediation or transaction.

  • You need to take action against a competitor for the parasitic copying of your investments and innovations, for selling products that are very similar to those sold by your company?

    We immediately implement measures to protect your rights and preserve evidence and we initiate the necessary unfair competition and counterfeiting actions.

  • The name of your company or the brand distinguishing its products or services is being used without your approval, or is being reproduced or imitated by third parties/rivals?

    We prepare the appropriate reports and counterfeit seizures, we instigate and monitor legal actions in order to obtain the cessation of the acts of infringement and damages for your losses.

  • Your products have been seized by Customs?

    We assist you and carry out the necessary formalities to have them released or manage the resulting litigation.

  • Your name, image and/or products are being publicly disparaged?

    We help you react quickly, exercise your right of reply and, where applicable, to prepare any legal action, including any urgent action to halt the attack against you and obtain fair damages for the losses incurred due to this denigration.

  • You created a patentable invention and are in a conflict with your co-inventors, or you are the author of an artistic work and are in a disagreement with your co-authors?

    We assist you in pre-trial negotiations and in initiating litigation before the appropriate court.