Aurélie Davoult – Senior Associate, admitted to the Paris Bar in 2020

Senior Associate

Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2020


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CAPA (Lawyer’s Proficiency Certificate) (2020)

University Paris I (2004): Post-graduate degree (DESS) in Internet Law

University Paris II (2000): Post-graduate degree (DEA) in Labour Law

University Paris II (1999): Master in Private Law


French, English.


Aurélie started her professional career as a labour litigation lawyer at the UIMM (French Union for Mining and Metallurgy Industries).

Acting as counsel in labour law for various professional bodies in diverse sectors such as the Press (Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Départementale – Departmental Daily Press Union), Cinematographic Production (Association des Producteurs de Cinéma – Association of Cinema Producers), and Live Entertainment (PRODISS), she took a particular interest in implementing social protection and common rules specific to these fields of activity by negotiating collective bargaining agreements (conventions collectives) and collective branch agreements (accords collectifs de branche). She was extremely active in the preparation and drafting of agreements as well as in collective negotiations in joint committees with the members of the ministries concerned. She also represented the legal profession in joint branch committees and in lobbying ministries. This allowed her to gain extensive experience and expertise in the establishment of social dialogue in companies as well as in negotiating collective agreements.

Aurélie also advised company heads in reorganisation and transformation plans, in particular linked to mergers, activity acquisitions, and development strategy evolution. Her in-house experience in industry and finance (BNP) gave her the opportunity to regularly advise operational teams and company management on a daily basis and during the implementation of strategic directions. She provided comprehensive assistance: organisation of professional elections and representation of company management in all relations with the staff representative bodies.

She joined Bénédicte Litzler’s labour law team in June 2021. Her experience allows her to provide counsel and litigation services to clients in a broad range of sectors both in respect of individual and collective relations.


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Providing both counsel and litigation services to companies throughout all steps of contractual relations with employees: conclusion of contracts, employee development, contract termination, etc.

Implementation of skill development actions for staff and occupational risk prevention actions.

Assistance to company management in establishing and monitoring relations with staff representative bodies (Comité social et économique – Social and Economic Committee).

Negotiation of structuring collective agreements: agreements relative to staff with disabilities, agreements on teleworking for staff with disabilities, agreements on gender equality, agreements on staff profit-sharing schemes, agreements pursuant to mergers and within the framework of voluntary redundancy plans, etc.

Assistance to companies on contracts for secondment/impatriation/expatriation.