Corinne Bitoun – Of Counsel – Complex International and French litigation, Civil law and in particular family law, Family Office/Private Client, Trusts and Estates, White Collar Crime

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Complex International and French litigation

Civil law and in particular family law

Family Office/Private Client

Trusts and Estates

White Collar Crime


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T +33 (0) 1 40 53 09 90


Ecole de Formation du barreau 1992

Lauréate du Concours de la Conférence du Stage du Barreau de Paris 1997

Université Montpellier I Doctorat in Criminal Law

Université Paris II Panthéon Assas Masters Degree in European law


Corinne began her career in civil and criminal litigation in 1993. In 1997 she obtained a prize for rhetoric in the famous Paris Bar competition le “Concours de la Conférence” in which the 12 winners devote their time to criminal defense work and the representation of the Paris Bar abroad.

Since then, she has specialized in civil and criminal defense matters for both individuals and companies (in particular, both the prevention and defense of white collar crime).


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...with both her French and international clients.

...and inheritance matters, family law and complex commercial and civil litigation.

...and has been key counsel and managed parallel commercial proceedings in the United States and France.

...a Dutch man whose late husband disinherited his children (who live in the United Kingdom) thereby depriving them of their right to a castle owned by the deceased in France.

...of French real estate held in a trust established by the deceased parent.