« Que le Destin Bascule » de Basile de Bure, Éditions Flammarion

« Que le Destin Bascule » by Basile de Bure“Why wasn’t I born under the same star?” sings the group IAM.

A question that perfectly illustrates this essay, very nicely written by Basile de Bure, a journalist from the inner city, who for several years has led media education courses in the context of community service with young offenders.

Why do we like it?

“Que le Destin Bascule” (“when the fate flips over”) is a fascinating investigation that seeks to unravel the mechanisms that lead young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to commit petty crimes that impact their entire future.

Interviewing the perpetrators as well as the prosecutors, police officers and probation judges, this book sheds light on a subject that is too often absent from the public debate, namely the limits of our judicial system and the stigmatization of a scapegoated youth.
A touching and necessary book, to be read without delay.

Delphine Brunet-Stoclet
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