Podcast « Le Coupable » de Noémie Schulz

Podcast « Le Coupable » by Noémie Schulz“Le Coupable” is an original podcast from journalist Noémie Schulz that immerses us in the heart of the Nordahl Lelandais case through the eyes of his lawyer, Maitre Alain Jakubowicz.

Why do we like it?

Initially convinced of Nordahl Lelandais’ innocence, Alain Jakubowicz had to reconcile his personal and professional values as the investigation progressed against his client.

How can you continue to defend your client when he has deliberately lied to you and committed acts that offend your deepest, most intimate sensibilities?

Through 8 captivating episodes, Alain Jakubowicz recounts the terrible exercise of defending his client, and reminds us of the essential role played by lawyers in assize trials.

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