« Je verrai toujours vos visages » un film de Jeanne Herry

“I will always see your faces” a movie from Jeanne HerrySince 2014, Restorative Justice in France has offered victims and offenders the chance to talk in secure settings, supervised by professionals and volunteers.
Jeanne Herry’s film relates the journeys and encounters of Nassim, Issa, and Thomas, convicted of robbery with violence, and of Grégoire, Nawelle and Sabine, victims of home jacking, robbery and snatching, but also Chloé, victim of incestuous rape. All are involved in Restorative Justice measures.
Along the way they experience anger and hope, silence and words, alliances and heartbreak, realisations and renewed confidence… And at the end of the road, sometimes, reparation…

Why do we like it ?

Magnificently directed and performed by excellent actors, this film shows without excess or “pathos” these Restorative Justice measures. These exchanges, words and encounters can guide some along the difficult path of repentance, beyond the execution of the sentence or imprisonment, and possible reintegration, and others towards resilience, helping them to confront and overcome harm and trauma.

Delphine Brunet-Stoclet
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