« Toi non plus tu n'as rien vu » de Béatrice Pollet

« Toi non plus tu n'as rien vu » by Béatrice PolletBased on a true story, the film « Toi non plus tu n’as rien vu », released in March 2023, tackles the subject of the judicialization of pregnancy denial in French criminal law. The film tells the story of a woman accused of attempted homicide of her newborn baby after giving birth in her kitchen and abandoning the baby in a garbage bag, in total denial of the fact of denial of pregnancy.

Director Béatrice Pollet was inspired by the case of a woman who gave birth to a child at home, without realizing she was pregnant, which led to the death of the newborn.

Why do we like it ?

« Toi non plus tu n’as rien vu » portrays a lawyer, played by Géraldine Nakache, committed to a unique cause. Indeed, this remarkably well-documented film, based on consultations with doctors, lawyers and judges, sheds light on the issue of neonaticide in criminal law, an issue that has been emerging in criminal law in recent years.

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