« Le livre de Maître Mô » A book from Jean-Yves Moyart

« Le livre de Maître Mô » A book from Jean-Yves MoyartJean-Yves Moyart, a criminal lawyer from Lille, became famous under the pseudonym of Maître Mô through the pages of his blog in which he shared extraordinary stories drawn from the practice of his profession. This lover of words relates in a book entitled “Mô, le livre de Maître Jean-Yves Moyart” the judicial life of a lawyer devoted body and soul to criminal defense.

Why we like :

Through his texts, Maître Mô continues his role as a lawyer and carries the voice of his clients. The author takes his reader into the world of the courtroom and shares with us the humanity with which he pleaded each of his cases, in which the lives of men and women were at stake. The immersion is such that the reading ends with the feeling of having been at the side of Me Moyart at each moment of his defense within an ordinary justice which sometimes becomes extraordinary.

Elora Boscher
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