TF1 rend hommage à l'AOP du Fromage Morbier et à notre victoire judiciaire !

In October 2022, journalist Marion Leclerc spent 48 hours in the Jura with members of the Morbier Syndicate to investigate their long battle against “copies”. On 18 November 2022, the Paris Court of Appeal finally ruled in favour of the Morbier industry. This is the story told in the “Grands Reportages” programme on 2 September.

And it was our Intellectual Property team that assisted the Syndicat Interprofessionnel de défense du fromage Morbier!
It is now recognised that the PDO protects not only the registered name, but also the distinctive visual characteristic of the product covered by the PDO. Producers of Morbier PDO cheeses are therefore justified in opposing the marketing of cheeses that reproduce the dark, central, horizontal line that is characteristic of the Morbier PDO, provided that this reproduction is likely to mislead consumers.

If you watch the replay, between minutes 33 and 41, then between minutes 49 and 53, you’ll recognise Delphine Brunet-Stoclet, our associate in the cellars, surrounded by 5000 Morbier cheeses, as well as Florence Arnaud and Joël Alpy.

And if you have any questions, please contact our IP team: Marie Andre Nivet, Félix BERTRAND and Léna Tordjman.

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