« Robert Badinter l'homme juste » de Dominique Missika et Maurice Szafran

« Robert Badinter l'homme juste » by Dominique Missika and Maurice SzafranThe book aims at presenting in a very complete way the life of Robert Badinter, his political, intellectual, professional and moral path. It traces the achievements he has implemented and the challenges he has faced during his incredible journey from son of a deportee to president of the constitutional council, passing of course through an exceptional career as a lawyer and Minister of Justice.

Why we recommend it:

A non-partisan book that describes in a very complete way the itinerary and career of a rare man. The authors wished to grasp as closely as possible what the life of Robert Badinter was: a successful bet. This book is an excellent source of information on Robert Badinter’s commitment to justice and human rights.

Take the opportunity to listen to his historic speech on the abolition of the death penalty:


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