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In our “Trademarks” newsletters of 25 June and 24 September 2020, we reminded you that any holder of a trademark has the obligation to effectively use it in the 5 years following its registration and, beyond that time, to never suspend such ... read more
Hitherto, within the framework of a merger, the acquiring company’s criminal liability for acts committed by the acquired company before the merger was always excluded based on the principle of liability for one’s own acts as provided for in ... read more
Your lawyers and partners wish you a wonderful new year Schmidt Brunet Litzler Sara Badr Schmidt
As 2020 draws to a close, we would like to thank you for being a devoted reader and would like to offer you a little quiz to test your labour law knowledge. It’s a fun way to review everything we thought it was important to share with you in order to ... read more
Four nominations for our Tax Department in “2020 Décideurs – Leaders League – France”: LBO and transactions tax law, non profit organizations tax law, and tax litigation. Warm congratulations to the team: Phillippe A. Schmidt and Johanna Segalis
As the end of the year draws near, companies may be looking at offering gifts to their clients. This is therefore a good time for a reminder that these business gifts are subject to specific tax treatment, whether in respect of tax on profits or VAT. 1. Tax ... read more
Is it possible to protect your artistic work under trademark law? Yes, if the motivation for this search for protection is that of the protection of a work used as a trademark. Thus, when filing for a trademark, the applicant must have the intention of ... read more
With the limitation of physical meetings imposed by the fight against the propagation of the virus that causes COVID-19, electronic signatures are turning out to be an essential tool for the remote signing of contracts as well as any other official business ... read more
“The right to provide evidence may justify the provision of elements that are in breach of the right to privacy provided that such provision is essential to the exercise of this right and that the breach is proportionate to the intended ... read more
The global COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the economic situation in every country around the world, leading to an increase in the use of bank loans or loans between individuals. When an individual borrows money directly from another individual, in ... read more

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